So I have successfully cleaned out my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, I know not a great feat, but between work and summer courses, I am trying to use my spare time wisely.

My next goal is to Comet my walls in my bathroom and kitchen.

Have I told you about Theresa’s crazy love of Comet? No? Well then here is the low down. Nothing is clean, nothing, unless it smells like Clorax (bleach) or Comet. Walls, sinks, tubs, toilets, and stoves are all to be washed with comet once a week. In reality do I do this? Sadly no. But at least once ever two weeks it is down. Any longer and I would cease to live here!

Warning! Comet does contain bleach, so if you are going to use it, use a rag and wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind a bleach stain on! (Many of cute house dresses have been ruined due to Comet cleaner 😦 )

Happy Comet Cleaning!

Miss Domestic Diva 🙂