I am an 18 year old freshman in college. I’m majoring in something? spanish?, so what am I doing messing around with the art of domesticity?

Simple, I am going to slowly domesticate myself.

For no other reason than I already enjoy the domestic tasks I currently am skilled in, why not try them all?

These are all the skills I plan to acquire during this phenomenal experience:

Ability to dust, vacuum, mop, and Windex an entire house/apartment/dorm room to T.B.S. (What is T.B.S. you inquire? Theresa Bielski Standards. Further explanation to follow)

Laundering all types of clothing including (but not limited to): Washing, Drying, and Ironing

Successfully be able to mend all types of tears/fiascos, as well as sew clothing for myself and/or others.

I am already able to crochet simple things, but I want to learn more complex patterns, as well as at least learning to knit.

Finally, I want to cook dinner everyday for an extended period of time (TBA) as well as perfect baking cookies, cakes, and other types of desserts.

I am not a masochistic, nor am I anti-feminist. I am pro equal choices for all genders, races, and any other prejudice society can form.

I simply want to master each of my challenges. I feel the above tasks are belittled by society. They are undervalued tasks that are vital parts of every normal functioning person’s life, including men.

Happy Cleaning!